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Top 10 Equity Management Solutions Companies - 2022

As the relentless march of technology continues to cover every business domain, efficient handling of organizational assets versus liabilities, or equities becomes imperative to earn profits and gain shareholder and employee trust. Businesses are increasingly seeking equity management solutions and services to increase corporate effectiveness by reducing maintenance costs and foreseeing asset failure. In tandem, the market for equity management software is expected to increase from USD 500 million in 2021 to USD 1,089.5 million by 2030, with a projected CAGR of 8.2 percent.

The market expansion is fueled by a rise in demand from large equity handling companies as well as technological advancements and efficiency gains in equity management software. This growth can be largely ascribed to the increasing need for preventative maintenance among businesses around the world. Additionally, increasingly connected devices worldwide are projected to offer abundant growth opportunities to the market in the near future.

This edition of Financial Services Review shines light on the key developments in the equity management space and how businesses are leveraging the latest tech solutions and services to streamline their assets and liabilities handling. It features thought leadership articles from Simon Tobelem, CEO of ARIE Capital Group and Mark Brown, Chief Security Officer (CSO) at SouthState Bank. They speak about the need to leverage technology to earn client trust and confidence by ensuring transparency and data integrity in financial services.

Along with these, the edition features Astrella, a company that specializes in providing the next-generation, integrated global platform, which helps businesses securely and effectively manage ownership data. Built by integrating AI, private blockchain, and Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS), Astrella’s novel, proprietary cap table management enables real-time, cloud-based, self-service management of private company shareholders’ and employees’ stock plan data.

In this edition featuring top equity management solutions providers and service companies, we hope you find the appropriate company to enhance and optimize your equity handling operations. Let us know your thoughts!

    Top Equity Management Solutions Companies

  • Astrella specializes in providing the next generation, integrated global platform that helps private companies manage ownership data securely and effectively

  • 4Degrees


    4Degrees identifies the right connections for its clients to focus on, works with them to strengthen those relationships over time, and helps them activate their network when they need it

  • Altshare


    Altshare is an equity management platform built for entrepreneurs. Altshare as a leading Israeli provider of trustee, stock administration, compensation plans and administration services and trusted by 2,000 companies and organizations, over 100 VC firms, and 60k+ beneficiaries worldwide

  • Caxy Interactive

    Caxy Interactive

    Caxy Interactive believes that the future of human and computer interaction is best informed by user experience, machine learning and user feedback loops. Through this belief, it works to connect its clients and their customers to better digital experiences

  • Cohen & Company

    Cohen & Company

    Cohen & Company offers a full range of accounting, tax, and consulting services to clients based in the U.S. and abroad. The firm serves dynamic, privately held companies and their owners and the investment industry, including public and private funds

  • HS Management Partners

    HS Management Partners

    HS Management Partners applies a focused, bottom-up, fundamentals-first approach to quality growth equity management through its sole strategy: the HSMP Concentrated Quality Growth Equity. They look to assemble a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 securities, comprised of what they consider to be quality businesses with strong future earning/cash flow growth potential, while being highly attentive to valuation

  • InvestorFlow


    InvestorFlow is an investor and deal engagement platform that helps investment banks, alternative asset managers, fund administrators, and wealth managers create intelligent digital experiences and dramatically increase productivity and engagement

  • KMS Technology

    KMS Technology

    KMS Technology, a global market leader in software development, testing services, and top-tier technology consulting offers an integrated suite of cutting-edge solutions that help businesses accelerate product speed-to-market without sacrificing quality. With a customer-centric approach, KMS Technology aims to fuel innovation for organizations by helping to modernize existing systems and bring new software visions to life

  • Navatar


    Navatar is the premier investment management software provider for the financial services sector. The company offers integrated workflows for investor relations, deal management, fundraising, and virtual data rooms. Their products are used by a range of financial firms, including alternative asset managers, M&A advisors, corporate strategics, and LPs

  • Shoobx


    Shoobx was built to empower the entrepreneur and allow attorneys to focus on high-value work. They modernize corporate activities for startups so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters; building businesses. Shoobx makes the easiest way to get something done, the right way

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